We care about our consumers, and our commitment to you extends beyond delivery. We offer the following services to ensure your return experience is effortless.

30-Day Returns & Exchanges

We offer free 30-day returns & exchanges on all eligible purchases to make sure you're 100% satisfied.

60-Day Resizing

We offer ring resizing for up to 60 days to ensure that you can find the perfect fit. In the event additional diamonds are required to increase the size of your order, GRWN may require an additional amount for the added carat weight.

Free Shipping

GRWN covers the return shipping of eligible items. All returns must come in with all the original packaging, docs, and certificates.

Return & Exchange Policy

Online Returns For Items Under $1,000



Comparative Purchasing

Return & Exchange Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return it within 30 days. Please submit the inquiry for returns & exchanges via our Contact page.

Please note our return and exchange policy timelines begin when your purchase is available for shipment.

What products aren't eligible for return?

  • Orders outside of our 30-day return policy.
  • Rings that have been resized or modified.
  • GRWN For You / Special Orders / Engraved Fine Jewelry.
  • Items that have been previously exchanged.
  • Orders that were altered while in process.
  • Orders that don't have all their original certificates, grading reports, packaging, etc.

    Online Returns For Items Under $1,000

    Our online return portal streamlines the return process for eligible items under $1,000.

    What can I return using the online return portal?

    • Unworn products under $1,000.
    • Products within our 30-day return policy.
    • Orders shipped within the US.

    Please send a request using our form on the Contact page to return the following items:

    • Products over $1,000.
    • Orders shipped outside of the US.
    • Design Your Own fine jewelry.
    • Design Your Own engagement rings.
    • Engraved rings.


    • Initiate Your Return Here.
    • Select Return Method. You may print a FedEx label, use a FedEx Mobile QR Code.
    • Follow Return Instructions. You can find your Order Number within your return confirmation email.


    Once your order is returned, our Quality Assurance team will receive and inspect your item(s) to ensure they are in unworn condition and verify that all promotional gift(s) with purchase are present before issuing a refund.

    Refund FAQs:

    • How long will it take to process my refund?
      •  10 Business Days
    • How will I receive my refund?
      • You will receive your refund via the same payment method.
    • Do I need to include the return shipping authorization number for return?
      • Yes, you will need to include the return shipping authorization number.


    Within 60 days, we will resize your ring for free, including free shipping both ways. The 60-day policy begins when your purchase is first available for shipment or pickup.

    What rings cannot be resized?

    • Eternity rings cannot be resized due to their design. GRWN will exchange, on a one-time basis subject to an additional charge if there is an increase in diamond weight.
    • Alternative metals (such as tantalum or titanium) cannot be resized but they can be exchanged under our 30-day policy.
    • GRWN For You, Special / Custom Orders, modified, and engraved rings can be resized.

    Outside of the 60-day free resize period, rings can be resized for a fee as long as they're within the recommended sizing range.


    • Please send a request using our form on the Contact page. We will email a return shipping authorization number and provide a free FedEx return shipping label.
    • Pack Your Jewelry: Place your jewelry back in the original packaging. Place the small FedEx Priority box inside a medium FedEx Priority box. Seal the box and mark out any old addresses or bar codes. Write your shipping authorization number on the outside of the box (information can be found in your return confirmation email). Affix the FedEx label to the outside of the box.
    • Return Your Package: Find a FedEx Staffed location by first searching for your zip code and then filtering to “Shipping assistance.” Obtain a FedEx receipt to confirm that the item has been shipped – this receipt will act as proof of insurance. GRWN and FedEx are not responsible for packages left in FedEx Drop Boxes or Non-FedEx Staffed locations.
    Please note, full insurance is guaranteed when you use our free shipping label and follow packaging instructions – including double boxing your return package.

      Bundled or Gift with Purchase Return Policy

      If a partial return is requested, GRWN will first deduct the full amount of the item(s) being kept prior to issuing a credit.

      If GRWN had included an incentive or gift with the purchase, we request that you return the item. GRWN will deduct its value in the event the item is not returned.